About Us

Ectoria is a shared network about life.It is a space where people share their stories, their experiences, aspirations, motivations and dreams.A network to share lessons learned from life.

About the founder:

Hello Friends! I am Purvi, founder of Ectoria. Professionally, I am part of a team which manage human resources in a large organisation. But ironically, it was an illness that actually taught me why exactly the humans are called resources. While fighting with my medical issues, I discovered how communication is the biggest enabler in one's life.The more I communicated with people, the better world I reached.Communication is bliss. Each one of us are treasure trove of life experiences. Each one of us has a story to tell.Let's wait no more. Let's start sharing.

'Alone we are strong but together we are invincible'

I started my personal blog called letshubli to share whatever I am upto in life.My first blog post based on my real life story can be read here.