Siddu Mathad is a first generation entrepreneur.Raised in a family of academicians and service class people, he always knew where his heart was.He wanted to start his own venture. The journey was not easy.He was frowned upon by friends and family when he decided not to appear for campus placements to go ahead with his dream of entrepreneurship.But nothing could stop him from pursuing his dreams.He went ahead with his business plan and co-founded an IT startup called SS Software Solutions.I came across him when I was looking for technical help for putting up a website.While we were working on this project, he shared lots of life insights which I thought should find a place in Ectoria.

Q: How do you define Siddu Mathad?

A:Siddu is an entrepreneur, a learner, a dreamer and someone who finds an incredible satisfaction in exploring joys of humanity.

Q:Joys of humanity?

A:We all live for ourselves.That is easy and everyone can do that.But the joy of humanity lies in living a bit for others as well.I am using 'a bit' here because it is impossible for a common man to live totally for others.But irrespective of what we are doing or at what scale we are doing, it is always practical and possible to live a bit for others as well.

Q:How did you mustered all the courage to take a leap of faith and go ahead with your dream of entrepreneurship.

A:I am not sure if I can answer on 'how' part but I am absolutely sure about why I did it.May I?

Q: Sure.Go ahead

A:Because faith came from within. It was entirely my call. No one can stop you from doing what you really want to do.

Q: You told us about your concern for social issues.Tell us more about it.

A:There are lot of social issues that need to be addressed. Out of these education is most important according to me.I am associated with an organisation called Gnanaganga which identifies children in slums and backward areas, then it finds and fixes a nearby free place to be used as classes and finally assigns teaching work to qualified young unemployed youth of nearby places.

Q: If you could change one thing about your own life, what it would be?

A:Whenever I was judged financially, money won.I wish it was other way round.

Q:I have a doubt in this. I know you for about a month now and according to me you score well on spiritual dimension of the personality. Now, given that spirituality intertwined in you, does being judged really affect you?

A: No, that does not affect me.But it would have been much better if people were not judgemental because that goes against my dream of seeing this world as people filled with compassion and love for each other. Judging is never the right thing to do. It hinders never helps.

Q: If you are asked to count your assets, what those would be?

A:My books and my people. I read a lot and a mini library at my home is an asset. Secondly, people whom I am connected to in my life are my biggest assets. People whom I get to interact on daily basis have made my life very very rich.These people are my mentors, my friends, the children I engage with, people in my circle who are working as change agents of the society and many more.

Q:If you can leave one message to make this world a better place to live than what it is today, what would it be?

A:Each one of us should take an hour out of our busy schedule for a social cause. You can associate yourself with an organisation whose cause overlaps with your cause or you can simply go all by your own. 'How' you do it is not important. It is totally your call. But the only important thing is 'doing'.

I am thankful to Siddu Mathad for sharing his life insights with ectoria.