Me: "Hey Kinjal! Remember how few days ago I discussed this idea with you. An idea of developing a network of like-minded people. A shared network about lives. A network where........."

Kinjal interrupted and quipped, "Purvi, first of all replace that word like-minded with open."

Me: "Open?? !!! What that?"

Kinjal: "This tribe to which people like you and me belong is actually the one which is more 'open'; and not 'like minded' in strictest of sense. We are open to every topic, every event, every person, open to life. See; I love art, bikes, creativity etc but this does not mean I would love company of someone who always talks about arts, or someone who keep talking about bikes. No, not at all. Consider yourself,  you work in a mining company,  you love writing, you love creativity and many other things. But does that make you a suitable ally for someone who always talks about mining, or someone who always talks about writing. No. Right? It has to be much wider. Ever wonder why are we connected? It is because both of us talk about anything under the sun. At one moment, we are talking about astrology, arts and geography; at other, we are brooding over our collective laziness, our failures, the history of our lives and many such random things. Next moment, we start approving ourselves with stories of our successful ventures, the achievements and other related, non-related stuff. This is what life is all about Purvi. Being open to hell lot of things"

This is a part of a conversation between Kinjalkini and me when Ectoria was just an idea.

Kinjalkini Bhat, a name synonymous with life.When I first met her, I was all confused. I did not know how to describe her. She is an artist, a psychologist, an entrepreneur, a fighter, a craft enthusiast, a biker, a loving mom, a caring wife and top of all a fantastic person.While her son was growing up, Kinjal decided to quit her day job to fill all her time with her son.Once her little wonder started school, she went on to devote more time to her entrepreneurial venture, Kai Ata.
Kai Ata is an art studio selling fashion fabrics, art forms and handcrafts.They specialise in Warli arts.

 A detailed interview with Kinjal:

Q:For those who are not familiar with you, define yourself.

A:I am a confident person or may be overconfident (she laughs) who want to motivate people and help them live to the fullest. Also, on personal level, I thrive to be what I am not.

Q: 'Thrive to be what I am not' ? Explain it further.

A: Like every other individual even I have certain set of skills. These skills are the ones which I apply in my work and in my life.Now, in addition to updating these skills, I also thrive to learn new skills, new perspectives and new ideas that not only refine me but also redefine me.

Q: Now, coming to Kai Ata, what was your motivation for Kai Ata? And what does 'Kai Ata' mean?

A: Arts. I am an artist. I could not find any better way to allow my soul to wander all free than having a handcraft venture of my own. Kai Ata means playing with hands. It indicates the malleability and flexibility inherent in arts. You can give it any form you like.

Q:What keeps you going? I mean, what is that inner drive that keeps you going?

A:Satisfaction that I derive out of Kai Ata. It gives me strange satisfaction to have something of my own.I do not have anyone whom I need to report too.It is more like no boss, no salary thing. Out of which boss part is good and salary part is not so good (her infectious laughter again). But all in all, what I love about Kai Ata is I get to do what I love doing.

Q:What is one most important thing you learned in life?

A:Procrastination costs you. And it costs you more on psychological front than on financial.It is so because you are preoccupied with things that you have to do; but at the same time there is nothing visible on ground.As such, it becomes difficult to convince yourself and get people on-board.

Q:If in life, you get a chance to call an 18 year old Kinjal,  what all conversation will you have with her? 

A:First of all, I will send her a smooch.Oh! I love myself (she bursts into laughter). And then I will ask her to do lot of shit and get over it quickly. I will ask her to remain naive always. Naiveness is beautiful.

Q:What advice would you like to give someone who want to radically change their lives?

A:I would say, one need not put any efforts towards that.We already are changing on daily basis.We wake up to be a new person every single day.We just need to realize that.Everyday has a potential to impact our lives in a way we want.We just need to be more mindful of it.

Q:One message that you want to give our readers.

A:Stay put.Whatever you are doing, stay put.Obstacles are inevitable. Do not lose hope.Keep putting efforts. Sometimes, results are just lurking round the corner. And above all, learn to enjoy the process.Learn to attach same importance with the process as you attach with results.Learn to get satisfied in process.

I am thankful to Kinjalkini Bhat for sharing her life insights with ectoria.