Devendra Sharma joined Coal India Limited in 1995. His first posting was in SECL and he is currently posted in Kakri Project of Northern Coalfields Limited.

Q: For those who are not familiar with you, tell us something about you.

A: I am someone who takes life as festival, someone who believes that life is better enjoyed than lived. I am also someone who strongly vouches for importance of self awareness in one's life.

Q: Tell us something about you as a Coal Indian.

A:Having a job in Coal India Limited was like a dream come true. My first posting was in SECL, Bilaspur. I joined Coal India Limited before it got listed. Since then, its performance and popularity has been on steady rise.It feels great to be part of this growth story.

Q:.Life in coalfields is difficult, what keeps you going?

A:Challenges posed by life keeps me going. Every other challenge that it throws towards me propels me forward.

 Q: What according to you is a thing that someone should do to change their lives?

A: According to me there is no particular answer to 'what' aspect of this question. However, based on my experience, I have an answer to 'how' one can change one's life. And that is meditation. If one meditates, s/he remains in charge of his/her life and can change it in desired ways.

Q:What is the greatest moment of your life?
A: My greatest moment is actually not a single isolated moment but a series of moments marking onset of journey towards self awareness.

Q:Tell us more about that journey.
A:It all started with my inclination towards meditation. Osho's teachings are something that helped me a lot towards attainment of self awareness as a goal.

Q:What does 'being successful' mean to you?
A:According to me you are successful if your family is satisfied and happy with you.

Q:Elaborate that.
A:The chair on which I am sitting, the chair on which you are sitting (he points towards my seat) requires lot of public dealing. Now, dealing with our counterparts and alike is never a big deal. But consider dealing with someone who comes straight from mine. You must have noticed, more often than not, the way they talk is enough to ferment us and prod us to lose patience.But if I am connected to my inner self, the first thing I will do is try to understand the reason behind his tone. He is someone who works in mine, he is someone who bears hazardous conditions to take every bit of coal out. Maybe that's the reason for such a frustration.By taking things in this way, I am at a better position to deal with it.l try my best to solve his problems or at least assure him for solutions. This way, it is very likely that he mellows down. I will be happy too and go home with positive mood. If I am in good mood, my family will also cherish.
Now, consider it other way round where I get annoyed at what he said and get frustrated too. I would go home with bad mood and might then percolate my frustration to my family. So, ultimately it comes down to family.If your family is happy with you, that shows you are successful in your work too. 

Q:Great. That's quite an insight and what in general is your approach to deal with obstacles of life?
A:When faced with obstacles, I remind myself  "This too shall pass" and then I put my best efforts and accept results.

Q: When it comes to cultural events or any other official events, I notice you are always ready to take role of anchor. Hosting of events require flair in speaking  and an ability to connect with audience . Are you naturally outgoing or you have developed this skill over the years?

A:It is God gifted. I love being on stage and steering events. It is something that I have been doing since beginning of my career. I remember how I was always ready to volunteer every other event in my previous positions as well. Moreover, the kind of person I am, it is difficult for me to play with my originality. That ways, had I not been a natural speaker, I would have never become one in due course.

Q:If you get to call 20 year old Devendra Sharma, what advice will you give him?

(For all the previous questions, I would not even finish my question and he would start replying, For the first time, he paused, gave it a thought and then replied)

A: I would ask him to have unlimited patience, life has lot to offer, everything would come to you at right time.Just be patient.

Q:One message that you want to give to this world.
A: Meditation for everyone. I wonder how this world would turn into a ball of intense positive vibrations if each one of us have meditation as a part of our daily routine.

I am thankful to Devendra Sharma for sharing his life insights with ectoria.