Mr.Prit Pal Singh joined Coal India Limited in 1982. Next year (in 2017) he will be retiring from services of Coal India Limited. He is currently working as Staff Officer(Personnel).
(For our non-Coal India readers, Staff Officer is a designation that exists in coalfields. A staff officer of a particular discipline heads that discipline in coalfields and coalfields are usually called 'project'. Staff Officers of all disciplines collectively report to Head of the Project.)

 Since, he is my immediate boss in this project, we get to interact every day.
But it was only after I interacted with him for ectoria that I was left thinking.

Thinking about consistent players like him.
Thinking about this micro aspect of such a large organisation.
Thinking that how long-term performance of any company depends far more on the unsung commitment and contributions of those who do not have big dreams, big aspirations or big plans but they have all the capabilities to keep the company running.
They are stable and steady performers.

In following interview, we will get to see that maybe Mr.Singh does not offer much on should-have's, must-have's and ought to's aspect of life but he is a commander-in-chief of his official job description.
All his answers invariably revolved around his work.
The work; something that keeps the wheel moving.

Q:For those who are not familiar with you, please tell us more about you.
A:I am someone who is passionate towards his work and someone who believes that there is no substitute for hard work.

Q:For most part of your life, you have worked in coalfields. What keeps you going?
A:The salary structure, perks, education facilities for children,other important facilities motivates me and keeps me going.

Q:How do you prepare yourself for any out of the work event?
A: Normally everything is related to work only. But say for example, it is end of the month and I need to arrange farewell party for retirees, then I do some homework beforehand. For example, I learn about their background, when they joined services, various places where they were posted and other things. After these preparations, I am ready to manage such events.

Q:When you take up a new role in a new project, what is the first thing you think of and what is the first step that you take?

A:My first step is to ensure that data repository of that project is in place.I ensure that data of all executives, non executives, other employees and workers of the project is maintained and updated.

Q:What is one most important thing you have learned in your career.
A:I have learned that taking initiatives is very important. Before asking others to do something, you have to do it yourself.

Q:Do you think people really acknowlege the efforts that you put in this job?
A: Yes, I think every one at Headquarters know that I put efforts.
(For Non Coal India readers, here Headquarter means subsidiary Headquarter. In this case, it is Headquarters of Northern Coalfields Limited, the office located at Singrauli)

Q:What does 'being successful' mean to you?
A: It is a difficult question. I am not sure about that.

Q:If you can make a call to 20 year old self, what advice would you give him?
A:Whatever you do, have full knowledge about it. Rules, regulations and everything.
Command your work.

Q:One message you want to give this world.
A:Always go for joint efforts. Joint efforts bear fruits.

I thank Mr.P.P.Singh for sharing work insights with ectoria.