"If I take a day long to talk about my life, even then I will miss on one or the other life insights." quips Mr.Sinha as he readies himself for questions.

Mr.Aloke Kumar Sinha is Staff Officer(Materials Management), Kakri Project, NCL

(For our non-Coal India readers, Staff Officer is a designation that exists in coalfields. A staff officer of a particular discipline heads that discipline in coalfields and coalfields are usually called 'project'. Staff Officers of all disciplines collectively report to Head of the Project.)

Q:For those who are not familiar with you, tell us about yourself?

A:I am a focused person and I have crafted a life which I wanted to live since childhood. Well, that definitely does not mean that I succeeded in life unaided and it is virtually impossible for anyone. Collaboration and positive outlook is something I always dote on.

Q:Tell us something about you as a Coal Indian.

A:In my span of 26 years, I have worked in many departments like excavation, sales, vigilance, HRD and Materials Management. I am thankful that I have had stupendous career.A career full of appreciation and learning.

Q:You said you have a positive outlook, I have practical question related to that. When you approach a problem or a task, how do you convince other team members to see things from same frame of reference?

A:Right from the beginning of an assignment, I try to find out and then convey what exactly needs to be done and how it is to done. I want to give them a sense of direction and I have seen when people have sense of direction, their outlook naturally becomes positive.


Q:What is that one thing you need to remember when dealing with large number of people?

A:Being judicious is the key of dealing with large number of people. For this I often quote an extension that I draw from Adam's Equity Theory or should I say I draw my personal variation out of it. If people are treated fairly or they perceive they are treated fairly, it is bound to show up in their performance. 

Q:How do you approach a new task or a new assignment?

A:Whenever I am faced with new tasks or assignments, the very first thing I do is holistically define targets, break those targets into small achievable activities. Draw an action plan and then I take up activities simultaneously to achieve goal. Meanwhile, I also keep a watch on constraints and attempt to address them meticulously. 
Now, if you observe it closely , you will get to see that this is not a task centric approach. It is rather a process centric approach. Be it life, be it work, I always approach things in this fashion and it gets me desired results.

Q:If you are asked to create one thing what it will be?

A:Well, that's a tough one. Can that thing be intangible or it has to be something tangible and concrete?

Q: It could be anything, anything you think of creating. No bars of tangibility.

A:Ok. So then I would create mindset; a mindset of looking at things holistically from a broader perspective. And then I would like everyone to wear that mindset. (He laughs)

Q:What is one important thing that you have learned in your career?

A: Making quick and spot decisions is one thing I have learned. If you have all necessary inputs with you, there is no point delaying decisions. I have seen that timely addressal of issues in present may go a long way in avoiding any impasse in future.

Q: How do you deal with obstacles in life?

A:I would rather focus on work aspect of life for answering this question because I have an interesting insight to offer. In my career of 26 years, I have never faced any obstacles. I know that might sound utopian but that is exactly how things have been. When tasks come before me, I start working on it and rest everything falls in place in due course. This make it look like there were no obstacles at all. They were just deterrents that I could fix with moderate intervention. 

Q:What advice would you like to give to someone who is reading this?

A:There is no shortcut to success. In order to succeed in life, you have to have required comprehension and understanding of your field.Try to interact with maximum people. You will be surprised to see how everyone will have to offer so many things.

Q:As we to come to end of this interview, one message that you would like to leave.

A:Always work in teams. Team efforts are always better than individual efforts.