After completing her management studies from NIT Durgapur, Tina Roy joined Coal India Limited in 2011. She is currently working as Assistant Manager(P&A), IICM, Ranchi.

The interview here is not a part of face to face conversation.
The conversation here is combination of questions sent by me to gather life insights of Tina and our telephonic confab [which no more is private now ;)]

Here it goes....

Q: If I ask you to describe Tina in three words, what those words would be?

A:Tina is independent, vivacious and all smiles.

(I have known her since my college days and can vouch that every word she chose here; describes her to the hilt. It is always great to have such crisp and clear ideas about oneself.)

Q: During course of a day, our mind is usually occupied with one thing or the other and imagination is an integral component of mind space. What all things you imagine?

A: Mind is a wanderer. One thing which I imagine is all a dreamy yet immature thought; to love, live and yet be grounded.

Q:You once remarked on my blog, "A loss is a loss. No words can be explained." How according to you should things be processed mentally when faced with a loss?

A:Consider feelings as a continuum of joy, success, failure, grief and many other emotions. Loss is just one of these.The more you try to run away from this, the more vacuum is created in that continuum. More vacuum would make your soul more vulnerable to sink in that feeling of loss. Never try to run away from this feeling. Face it. The more you allow things to soothe down your skin, the better. 

Q: You have been on your own from a very early age. This must have given you a deep understanding of social behavior. What is your insight on social behavior?

A:Baring the norms of our society, I have learn to live my life my way regardless of what others think about me.

Q:What is one most valuable advice you got in your life?

A: 'Wrong person teaches us the right things' .My choices from past took life into a whole new perspective- it could have gone haywire, but I sat in driving seat and took charge.

Q:What is the most important belief you have in your life?

A:You are beautiful the way you are.

Q:Who do you admire most and why?

A: 'Maa' is the word for me. She has been a rock solid person throughout her life . I wish I could be a small percent of whatever she is.

Q:What advice would you give someone who want to transform their lives?

A: You can always turn around your life doesn't matter how far you have walked through.You can always change the sail. Learn to believe in yourself.

Q:How is Tina as a Coal Indian?

A:I m unable to answer this. Maybe my colleagues and bosses would analyse better.

Q:What does 'being successful' mean to you?

A:It means being able to be humble and gracious and not forgetting your roots.

Q:If you can make a call to 20 year old Tina, what all chit-chat will you have with her?

A:If you come across something which is not in sync with your beliefs and values, don't let it impact you.Live your life the way you want.

Q:What is that one message that you want to give to this world?

A:Love , peace and perseverance would do it all.

I thank Tina for sharing her life insights with ectoria.